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The Primary Dimensions of Our Work

The three primary dimensions of PDI's work - System building, public policy and communication, and innovation and implementation reinforce, intersect with, and converge with one another to form a comprehensive system of professional development.

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System Building

Enabling New York State to institutionalize best practices, raise standards, and measure effectiveness.

Public Policy and Communications

Determine key research questions, collect and analyze data to better understand the field, and recruit a talented and diverse group of thinkers to address these questions. Communicate findings and recommendations to policy makers and other key public figures, advocates and professionals in the field to affect lasting change.

Innovation and Implementation

Challenge existing conventions, experimenting with new paradigms in professional development, implement well-researched and data-driven solutions and devise plans to ensure accountability

    • Manage a social media portfolio including the PDI Blog and Facebook.
    • Conduct and disseminate applied/qualitative research
    • Investigate key issues to inform and guide policy development, communications and system-building.
    • Author and disseminate policy briefs
    • Author and disseminate Connections, a quarterly newsletter to family child care providers.
    • Coordinate QUALITYstarsNY, the state's quality rating and improvement system throughout New York's 10 economic development regions.
    • Established the Career Development Services Center, which provides career and professional development services to current and aspiring early childhood professionals, especially targeting higher education opportunities at CUNY
    • Lead a Pre-K teacher and paraprofessional training for the NYC DOE
    • Train publicly-funded family child care providers throughout NYC
    • Created the Higher Education/Community-based collaborative to structure a sustained coaching model provided by community-based higher education faculty and partners to local early childhood staff.
    • Designed and implemented the Children's Program Collaborative, supporting 70 programs funded by the City Council to serve young children from low-income families throughout NYC.
    • Created a Master Teacher Institute to support high-performing teachers to mentor others.
    • Operated demonstration projects that modeled sustained coaching strategies that increased the quality of programs in high-need communities throughout NYC (East New York, South Bronx)