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NYSB5 CUNY / SUNY Workforce Scholarship Application

Fill out the form below to begin the application process. If you are eligible to apply for one of our scholarships, we will send you a link to provide supporting documentation.


If you applied for 2023 and still need to meet with an advisor, please use the links below to schedule an advisement session. Please DO NOT Apply again.

Make your appointment with Advisors:

If you are seeking funding for 2024, you MUST submit a NEW application. Please fill out a new application and select "2024" in the "Cohort Selection" in the new application.

Personal / Contact

What county do you primarily / usually work in? If unemployed, what county do you live in?
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Cohort Selection


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This scholarship supports students attending or applying to a CUNY or SUNY university or a non-CUNY/SUNY school. Scholarships are available to students taking courses at the Certificate, Associates, Bachelors or Masters Level leading to early childhood teacher or assistant teacher certifications or credentials. Please indicate what level you will be applying for. Respond to the following:

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Current Employment

This scholarship supports professionals employed full-time or part-time in regulated child care programs. Please list your current employment information here. If you are not currently employed in a child care program, you may skip this section.

Organization / Program name
Select the title that best matches your current role.

Participation Agreement

I understand that my enrollment in the Scholarship programs supported and managed by the NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute convey a responsibility for me to participate fully.

I understand that I will work with an advisor to create a study plan. At a minimum I will attend two meetings per semester with my assigned career advisor and demonstrate progress working toward the study plan and the submission of grades.

If any changes in my status that was disclosed during my eligibility meetings will be updated with my advisor within two weeks of changed status.

I understand that failure to meet my responsibility of participation will jeopardize continued participation.

Additionally, I understand that my progress will be tracked and overall status in the program reported back to the funder. The program is confidential and no identifiers, such as my name and address will be shared with the funder.

I also provide permissions to NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute to communicate with my Institute of Higher Education to share information regarding my scholarship with them, specifically amount of funds awarded. I provide permission for my Institute of Higher Education to share grades and financial information relevant to the scholarship.

Type your full name to agree to these terms.

Photo Release Statement

The Institute uses photographs of its partners and participants in newsletters, annual reports, web sites, and its social media.

By selecting "I Agree" below, I hereby authorize the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute (The Institute) under the auspices of The Research Foundation of the City University of New York (CUNY) to take and use photographs of me in connection with the above-identified event. I authorize The Institute/CUNY, its assigns, and transferees to copyright, use, and publish the photographs in print and/or electronically.

By selecting "I Agree" below, I agree that The Institute/CUNY may use such photos of me with or without my name for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

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