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The goal of the Institute's Leadership Initiative is to support a cadre of high-quality, exemplary early childhood leaders, as well as to create a pipeline of professionals who are well-prepared to enter leadership positions and are supported once they enter those positions. We help participants to identify and meet individualized leadership development goals through a comprehensive model aligned to best practices in leadership and management criteria and tailored to the needs of each individual. Through leadership-focused professional development and career planning, participants access supports for higher education and credentials, mentoring, peer learning, seminars and conferences, and competency-based professional development. We also provide career development support that includes career advisement and planning, and job search assistance.

Activities and Services


Individualized professional development with Institute Coaches

The Initiative coaches provide individualized, strength-based, reflective coaching to Early Childhood Leaders who have determined a need and want to meet their self-identified, competency-based professional development goals. All of our coaches are part of The Institute Coaches program.


Peer-to-peer mentoring with an experienced leader

The application for Fall 2024 mentoring will be available in July

Leadership mentoring focuses on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. The mentor is a source of wisdom, teaching, and support as a result of years of experience successfully leading programs.


Graduate courses leading to the CPAC credential

The Children's Program Administrator Credential (CPAC) is a state-recognized credential that addresses the components essential for running early childhood and school-age programs. The New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute developed a graduate level 18-credit program at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies, that leads to the state-recognized CPAC credential.

Career Development Advising

Small-group and One-on-one career advising

Members work with The Institute's Career Development Center in small groups and individually to work on strategies for defining career goals, finding desired positions and presenting their best selves in the interview process.

Learning Communities

Regular discussion meetings with peers

Learning Communities are brought together based on similar goals and needs to discuss goals and challenges and share strategies for strengthening programs. Groups meet regularly and are facilitated by professionals who have an expertise in the specified areas.

Book Groups

Facilitated discussion of leadership books

Book groups present an opportunity for members to gather to discuss leadership publications and resources and are facilitated by committed professionals, dedicated to deepening the dialogue and illuminating the key messages

View our current and past books on our Brook Group page.

Monthly Networking Meetings

Regular meetings with cohort members

Monthly meetings to bring together the whole cohort group for presentations, discussions and an opportunity to share and network with peers

Leadership Initiative events

Speakers, panels and workshops

Throughout the year, a variety of events are offered to the membership to encourage networking, collaborations and learning experiences among peers. We offer a Speaker Series, Leadership Panel Discussions and a myriad of workshops to inspire considerations on leadership in early childhood education.

View upcoming and past events on our events page

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